Through the Eyes of a Lion - Levi Lusko

Through the Eyes of a Lion

By Levi Lusko

  • Release Date: 2015-08-04
  • Genre: Christianity
Score: 5
From 211 Ratings


What will you do when the unthinkable happens?

Her parents called her Lenya Lion because of her ferocious personality and hair that had been wild and mane-like since birth. But they never expected that, five days before Christmas, their five-year-old daughter would suddenly go to heaven after an asthma attack. How do you walk out of the ER without your daughter?

More a manifesto for high-octane living than a manual for grieving, Through the Eyes of a Lion will help you turn your journey into a “roar story” by guiding you to
look past what you can see with the naked eyesurvive Saturday—the space between promise and fulfillmentlet God turn your pain into a microphonecue the eagle and run toward the roar
Whether you’re currently facing adversity or want to prepare yourself for inevitable hardship, it’s time to look at the adventure of your life through Jesus’ eyes—the eyes of a Lion.

“He has this story. And he has told it well. With candor. With honesty. With hope.”

—Max Lucado, pastor and New York Times bestselling author of Before Amen

“One of the most powerfully transparent books I’ve ever read . . . a book we all need to read.”

—Sheila Walsh, speaker, Bible teacher, and bestselling author of 5 Minutes with Jesus

“This is more than a book. It’s a lifeline.”

—From the foreword by Steven Furtick, pastor and bestselling author of Crash the Chatterbox


  • Missing pages :(

    By ND Blessed
    This has been a wonderful book and I'm so very thankful I have read it bc it helped me better connect with my sister who recently lost her little boy. There were a few pages missing (409 and 449) from my book, not sure if that a download issue or what but regardless I was blessed!
  • It's not easy

    By Sprklincase
    This book has helped me immensely, at such a time as this. I'm forever great full for Levi writing his heart out.
  • Thank you

    By D-Baby 20
    This book has saved me. I live in NYC far from family and friends, as I go through a pretty challenging time in my life this book saved me. I barely sleep and have been waking up at 2am in the morning for a couple of weeks now as I'm restless I draw for your pages to give me strength to be closer to God. Today I read my last page, today will be the most challenging of days as I walk in faith that I will be okay. Thank you for sharing your words as I now too believe that I am special.
  • Moves your heart

    By jjacksis
    I highly recommend reading this book. It will open your eyes and your heart! Thank you for sharing your story, Levi! God truly has given you a gift!
  • Living Hope

    By dermhawk
    Thank you for writing this book through the pain, tears and coffee. Your struggle has and will continue to help others cope with unthinkable earthly events. The Lion Roar is now a mere sweet melody.
  • Heartbreakingly Wonderful - Must Read

    By Zmuzik1
    With penetrating, almost searing wisdom earned first hand by suffering the cruelest blow any father can suffer - the death of his baby girl in his arms - Levi Lusko teaches us the hope we all have in the endlessly loving and bottomless arms of Jesus Christ embrace. How His death and resurrection bring us eternal life. But this is no sermon - it is the funny, tragic, amazing story of a young family and how they managed to survive the sudden and awful loss of Lena "Lion" Lusko - the wild-haired 5-year-old spunky girl pictured on the book cover. As a father, I am so very grateful to Lusko for sharing so openly on a subject so many keep private. And for his ability to speak about his keening loss with a sense of wit and humor. I found this book to be emotionally and spiritually uplifting and downright funny - something I never suspected when I turned the first page! I think that's Pastor Lusko's point: God created you and he loves you, so he sent His son Jesus to find you and save you for eternity. As parents, we have a confidence, joy and certainty that we will be reunited after death. Is that hard to believe? Of course it is! But Pastor Lusko uses his awful experience and tragedy to write a book that humorously, gently, kindly and exuberantly convinces us the God loves us, Jesus Christ lived, was crucified, died and was buried and then arose from the dead after 3 days to give us eternal life. If conquering your own death doesn't interest you, you probably won't enjoy this book. For everyone else - I give this five stars with a big "Hurrah!l" and humble "Thank You" to Pastor Levi Lusko, his wife, his girls and his New Life family! God bless you all!! John Zimmerman
  • A great book by a great man of God

    By Lamefishgame
    Thank you, Levi, for sharing your story and pouring into so many lives. I love you and your family and listen to your podcasts every week. You mean so much to me and my family.
  • Through The Eyes of a Lion

    By Geek1951
    This is an absolute must read for anyone who ever has or ever will experience gut-wrenching, totally debilitating loss and grief, unfortunately that includes everyone, yes even you. Personally I have experienced this type of loss repeatedly through the last forty years of my life, (do you think God is trying to tell me something?). I only wish that I had learned these critical skills and lessons before the first time I went around this dark, evil mountain. I am confident that my life would have been quite different. I know that God will take us around it until we get it. I am grateful that He loves us that much. I wholeheartedly recommend that you read this book and learn these lessons before you draw your last breath and it's too late!
  • I didn't read this yet.

    By Kaliborn2005
    I watched Levi Lusko's 4 sermons. This is to him and his family. Luskos, search the song "What I Know." It is such a beautiful song, and I personally think you really need to listen to it. It is by Tricia Broch. I'm praying for you guys. Bye.
  • Such an amazingly motivating book for EVERYONE!

    By Asialee Hill
    I stumbled across this book while on my churches old website. I'm not much into reading books, but I couldn't put this down. I think Jesus was calling me to read it. Levi has a great way of expressing thoughts and this book was able to help me dig deeper and face the "roar". I believe everyone would greatly benefit and enjoy reading this. Thank you Lusko family for allowing your sorrow to shed light for others.