The Billion Dollar Spy - David E. Hoffman

The Billion Dollar Spy

By David E. Hoffman

  • Release Date: 2015-07-07
  • Genre: United States
Score: 4.5
From 245 Ratings


From the author of the Pulitzer Prize-winning history The Dead Hand comes the riveting story of a spy who cracked open the Soviet military research establishment and a penetrating portrait of the CIA’s Moscow station, an outpost of daring espionage in the last years of the Cold War
   While driving out of the American embassy in Moscow on the evening of February 16, 1978, the chief of the CIA’s Moscow station heard a knock on his car window. A man on the curb handed him an envelope whose contents stunned U.S. intelligence: details of top-secret Soviet research and developments in military technology that were totally unknown to the United States. In the years that followed, the man, Adolf Tolkachev, an engineer in a Soviet military design bureau, used his high-level access to hand over tens of thousands of pages of technical secrets. His revelations allowed America to reshape its weapons systems to defeat Soviet radar on the ground and in the air, giving the United States near total superiority in the skies over Europe.
   One of the most valuable spies to work for the United States in the four decades of global confrontation with the Soviet Union, Tolkachev took enormous personal risks—but so did the Americans. The CIA had long struggled to recruit and run agents in Moscow, and Tolkachev was a singular breakthrough. Using spy cameras and secret codes as well as face-to-face meetings in parks and on street corners, Tolkachev and his handlers succeeded for years in eluding the feared KGB in its own backyard, until the day came when a shocking betrayal put them all at risk. 
   Drawing on previously secret documents obtained from the CIA and on interviews with participants, David Hoffman has created an unprecedented and poignant portrait of Tolkachev, a man motivated by the depredations of the Soviet state to master the craft of spying against his own country. Stirring, unpredictable, and at times unbearably tense, The Billion Dollar Spy is a brilliant feat of reporting that unfolds like an espionage thriller.


  • Possibly the best book ive ever read

    By mmackinnon
    Very rarely a book comes along that causes you to keep reading till it is done. THIS is that book. I loved every minute
  • Billion Dollar Spy

    By Americas#1fan
    This is an awesome book, about a great man that dedicated his life and risked his family for the destruction of a system that was all about power, but did not give a hoot for the people. Mr. Tolkechev may have done more to destroy evil than any man in history. God bless Adolf Tolkechev!
  • Billion Dollar Spy

    By NDlawcp
    Reads like a spy novel, but it's historical woven with drama, context, and skill
  • Disappointing trek through sloppy tradecraft

    By Hasdruupal
    Both the CIA and FBI dropped the ball which resulted in the loss of a valuable resource. The book veers from one story to another without an overall framework. It suffers from the requirement to protect agents and methods. It also appears to be stuffed with unnecessary asides to bulk up the story without adding to an understanding of the time and place. The author avoids making judgments on the bad actions and judgements of those managing our national security.