How To Save Your Marriage: Reignite the Passionate and Trusting Relationship You Deserve - Rachel Edison

How To Save Your Marriage: Reignite the Passionate and Trusting Relationship You Deserve

By Rachel Edison

  • Release Date: 2013-06-28
  • Genre: Family & Relationships
Score: 4
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Discover the reasons why you’re other half is not as committed to fixing your relationship problems as you are and the exact way you can go about fixing your issues, to bring back the passionate life that you both deserve!

Inside our easy to read report, you will find techniques which have strengthened marital foundations for years!

* Why couples who expect too much have far more issues and arguments – and how you can dictate your directions in life, together, and avoid petty arguing.

* Why a relationship with no fire can be a struggle to reignite, and how you can put the flame under it to bring it back to life.

* How to open your other half up to how she or he really feels and how you can avoid being ignored as if you don’t exist.

* How to trust and live in each other’s company without driving each other crazy.

* Why you need a second opinion in your relationship – somebody without any prior bias – to give you a real perspective on why things are failing.


  • Unable to finish reading

    By Hey hey!369
    The author had incredibly poor choice of words or ideal that a person is responsible for teaching someone to be abusive to them.
  • On topic!

    By hkan62583
    This really hit the nail on the head for me. I saw things that I was in the wrong for and I saw things mentioned that were bothering me on my husbands end. I’m hoping that if we both read this and start using this advice, that we can save our marriage :-)
  • Thank you

    By HtG4444
    I think this was a great book. This was very informative especially being a man and knowing how a woman feels in these situations. Hopefully I can use this information to turn my marriage around.
  • How to save your marriage

    By One love 21312
    I truly enjoyed the advice this book had to offer! The perspective this book brought, by the true reality story's in it.... Brought a different outlook in my eyes.
  • LV x2.

    By Tattlulu
    This was very helpful and eye opening. I would recommend this to all my friends to gain knowledge on maintaining a happy and healthy marriage.
  • Saving my marriage

    By Brandybp
    This book seems to be very informative and I will put my all into trying it out. I have been married for 8 years and together with my husband for 17 years. It has become a challenge to keep him happy. Will try this book out to see if it will help!!!!!! Thanks for the information Brandy
  • None

    By Marcellita78
    It was an excellent book. Whoever wants to fix your relationship with your partner read this book. It makes you feel a lot better about yourself and things you may have believe you've done wrong, but actually they were pretty good.
  • Wow

    By Jaysoro
    I am thankful for the insight. This book along with quite a few prayers are helping me with patience and understanding my relationship issues.
  • How to Save Your Marriage.

    By Erk!
    the book is good. A positive tone and solution-base approach that appeals to me. I must say one thing did get in my way to taking the information in freely, it was the willingness of the author to depend on the male-convention of addressing the subject. There are many ways she could have use gender-neutral words like 'them' and 'their' or 'they' instead of him, his, and he. Yes it is more work for the author and may not be completely correct. But I can tell you, in cases like this, men are very sensitive to being blamed for literally every problem, and since this book was written by a woman it begins to touch too heavily on raw nerves when the man reads this book and constantly sees the male is written in a convention that shows him causing all the problems. Even though we understand the convention isn't meant to offend, it still grates.
  • Amazing.

    By Cool netb
    Thank you for sharing.