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By Glenn Beck

  • Release Date: 2013-04-30
  • Genre: Political Science
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#1 bestselling author and popular radio and television host Glenn Beck shines a spotlight on today’s culture of violence and provides practical, timely, and fact-based answers to the most commonly heard gun-control arguments.

When our founding fathers secured the Constitutional “right of the people to keep and bear arms,” they also added the admonition that this right SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED.

It is the only time this phrase appears in the Bill of Rights. So why aren’t more people listening?

History has proven that guns are essential to self-defense and liberty—but tragedy is a powerful force and has led many to believe that guns are the enemy, that the Second Amendment is outdated, and that more restrictions or outright bans on firearms will somehow solve everything.

They are wrong.

In CONTROL, Glenn Beck presents a passionate, fact-based case for guns that reveals why gun control isn’t really about controlling guns at all; it’s about controlling us. In doing so, he takes on and debunks the common myths and outright lies that are often used to vilify guns and demean their owners:
The Second Amendment is ABOUT MUSKETS . . . GUN CONTROL WORKS in other countries . . . 40 percent of all guns are sold without BACKGROUND CHECKS . . . More GUNS MEAN more MURDER . . . Mass shootings are becoming more common . . . These awful MASSACRES ARE UNIQUE TO AMERICA . . . No CIVILIAN needs a “weapon of war” like the AR-15 . . . ARMED GUARDS in schools do nothing, just look at Columbine . . . Stop FEARMONGERING, no one is talking about TAKING YOUR GUNS AWAY.
Backed by hundreds of sources, this handbook gives everyone who cares about the Second Amendment the indisputable facts they need to reclaim the debate, defeat the fear, and take back their natural rights.



    By olomuchogordo
    US constitution needs to be taken at face value. People like the author see this country as one that does no harm despite the slavery and GENOCIDE the US constitution tacitly gives a wink and a nod to. The bill of rights was written during the height of slavery and genocide. That needs to be taken into account. Thomas Jefferson, the genius who writes platitudes of freedom, had an army of slaves tend his estates. Its really sickening when you think of it. The point is: THINK!
  • Typical Glenn

    By Ratty255
    Read this book if you only read things you agree with beforehand and don't want to challenge your assumptions. You will not find the dialogue we need to have about guns in an era when the left ignores constitutional rights and the right screams that flooding the populace with firearms (with very little mention of training) will keep everyone safe. I've been in a situation where the bullets have flown and i can tell you that without training, all logical thoughts go out the window. i can also tell you that a well trained person can disarm you of your firearm with nothing but his hands before you could think to chamber your round and pull the trigger. Yet, here again that same fallacious argument appears, and this time, grandma is the protagonist! Some of Glenn's points are true, however, many of them represent the specious tautology he has relied on for years now. Although, there is not much sense, in my mind, in outlawing an AR-15 while keeping an M1-Garrand legal, Glenn overshoots on many points. First, the right to bear arms was not solely based on protection. At the time the constitution was written the west was still wild and many still had to defend themselves not only from each other but from the wild and from hunger. Glenn commits the error of presentism far too readily. His initial comparison of gun laws (pertaining to private ownership) to NYC subway deaths (occurring on publicly owned and operated property) is laughable. So, the city of New York not allowing me to stand on publicly owned subway tracks is a violation of my liberties similar to the confiscation of guns? Really? If you don't want to be challenged and want your mind made up for you, then read this book. But I can think of no more pernicious control than that yielded to Glenn by his followers. It is the control gleaned by leader when he followers refuse to think for themselves. And I can tell you...Glenn's followers all say the same things.
  • One of the Most Important Reads of the Decade

    By gra200
    Every non gun owner in the country should read this book. I do not own a gun and was not raised with them. This book gave me a different point of view that was worth exploring.
  • Control

    By NAS912
    This is a must read for everyone who values our Constitution.
  • Very great book!

    By Kiefchief
    I was skeptical about buying this book feeling like it would just be a call out to a political philosophy. But it is much better than that. It allows for me the reader to see what the person said then the notes to check it. I really liked its quickness and straight to the point attitude. Definitely worth the meager asking price.
  • Control

    By The best team
    This is an amazing book to fight the people who think what is best for them is best for all
  • Control

    By Katlyn9
    Awesome truth
  • A Great Read but...

    By Se7ev.8
    This must have been a rushed book because I've come across so many grammatical and syntactical errors that it's hard to believe otherwise. Great content overall but the lack of corrections aforementioned make it slightly difficult to take the author seriously and I began to question my loyalty. Yes, that is what grammatical and syntactical errors can do to a reader. If I didn't watch GBTV occasionally I would've assumed this guy was unintelligent or careless. Although I know that he is very smart and most likely not careless I am willing to forgive him, but it should be updated with corrections soon. I hope the hard copy doesn't have these same errors for the sake of history! Once corrected I will update my rating with 5 stars. All the luck to ya Glenn!
  • Must read!!!

    By Wild whiskey
    Every American should read this book