Cowards - Glenn Beck


By Glenn Beck

  • Release Date: 2012-06-12
  • Genre: Political Science
Score: 4
From 272 Ratings



As we approach the most important presidential election in America’s history, something has been lost among all of the debates, attack ads, and super- PACs—something that Americans used to hold in very high regard: THE TRUTH.

Glenn Beck likes to say that “the truth has no agenda”—but there’s another side to that: people who have agendas rarely care about the truth. And, these days, it seems like everyone has an agenda. The media leads with stories that rate over those that matter. Politicians put lobbyists and electability over honesty. Radicals alter history in order to change the future.

In Cowards, Glenn Beck exposes the truth about thirteen important issues that have been hijacked by deceit. Whether out of spite, greed, or fear, these are the things that no one seems to be willing to have an honest conversation about. For example:

* How our two-party POLITICAL SYSTEM often leaves voters with NO GOOD OPTIONS.

* How extremists are slowly integrating ISLAMIC LAW into our SOCIETY.

* How PROGRESSIVE “religious” leaders like JIM WALLIS are politicizing the Bible.

* How the CARTEL VIOLENCE on our border is FAR WORSE than people realize.

* How “LIBERTARIAN” has been INTENTIONALLY turned into a DIRTY WORD.

* How GEORGE SOROS has amassed enough MONEY and POWER to INFLUENCE entire ECONOMIES.

In some cases, the truth is out there, but people simply don’t want to hear it. It’s much easier, and certainly a lot more convenient, to keep our blinders on. After all, as a quote attributed to President James Garfield made clear, “The truth will set you free, but first it will make you miserable.”

Miserable or not, the truth can no longer be something we hope for; it must be something we live. When courage prevails, cowards do not—and this book was written to ensure that’s exactly what happens.


  • Takes1 2 know 1

    By olomuchogordo
    I wouldn't waste my butane to set this trash alight. His education or the lack there of is showing obnoxiously.
  • Pathetic

    By Matt kienitz
    After reading a variety of books by authors such as Sam Harris and Richard Dawkins, this book feels like it was written by a ignorant yet passionate 3rd grader. I thought I would try a Glenn Beck book to know what all the buzz is about him, and it turns out it's just his diehard, ignorant, paranoid fans. This book, and I'm going to guess most of Glenn's books, shouldn't even be allowed on a book shelf.
  • This man is a joke

    By Notaleftwinglunatic
    I won't even talk about the content of this book, it's Glenn Beck I'm sure you can guess at that. I'll simply state that it is poorly written as well. Don't bother.
  • Only Real Cowards Give Lame Reviews

    By Rev Dr TCB
    Excellent, thought provoking, Absolutely Magnificiant! Glenn Beck tells it Like it really is! I really like how Glenn clamps down on the Real Issues no one else will touch! The TRUTH LIVES HERE!
  • How is this piece of junk in the history section

    By BluesteelLA
    This book really belongs in the fiction section. It's not history. There are two types of "facts" in this book: - the ones Beck simply makes up (in the real world they're called lies) - the ones Beck doesn't understand. Even FoxNews got tired of this act. Save yourself money.
  • Great read!!

    By Andre575
    The truth is painful and hard to accept, especially by those who "drink the koolaide". It's time for Americans to wake up before socialism completely sweeps away everything that our ancestors fought to protect us from.
  • Articulate ranting.

    By Marcus Trucker
    Golly, I wish I had never started this "book." 'Propaganda' rings a little more true. It's sad that things have gotten so extreme, with so little middle-ground and no compromise or cooperation remaining whatsoever.
  • Glenn Beck is Great

    By Norma Courtois
    He tells the truth on all the bums we have in Politics. As Usual Glenn does his research and Brings out the Truth
  • Fair and balanced

    By ZenMeister7
    This is a great book! If you're expecting Glenn Beck to bash democrats in this book, get ready for a fair dose of republican bashing, too. That's actually the point... They're no different. Both political parties have been infiltrated by "progressives", and they want to destroy the American way of life. We need a plan to get us back on course. This book is a great start. Buy it!
  • Well done

    By MadMac333
    Extensive footnotes! The information is accurate and with all of the source material documented, you can validate it for yourself.