End This Depression Now! - Paul Krugman

End This Depression Now!

By Paul Krugman

  • Release Date: 2012-04-30
  • Genre: Political Science
Score: 4
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A New York Times best-selling call to arms from Nobel Prize–winning economist Paul Krugman.

The Great Recession is more than four years old—and counting. Yet, as Paul Krugman points out in this powerful volley, "Nations rich in resources, talent, and knowledge—all the ingredients for prosperity and a decent standard of living for all—remain in a state of intense pain."

How bad have things gotten? How did we get stuck in what now can only be called a depression? And above all, how do we free ourselves? Krugman pursues these questions with his characteristic lucidity and insight. He has a powerful message for anyone who has suffered over these past four years—a quick, strong recovery is just one step away, if our leaders can find the "intellectual clarity and political will" to end this depression now.


  • Excellent

    By AVM in NYC
    On point! Every member of Congress should be required to read!
  • Very interesting

    By Illinois Bob
    I learned a lot by reading this book. It is too bad we have a do nothing congress. Our country could be prospering if not for the politicians trying to oppose each other instead of fixing the economy. This is a well written book that is easy for a non-professional economist to understand. If Democrats and Republicans do not start working together, it will be a long depression. It does not have to be.
  • End this depression now

    By Rich Mur.
    Krugman not only shares his views in a way that's understandable to the lay person, he also take the time to site the other side and tells us why their "gut feelings" and theories are untenable. If the austerity hawks took the time to read this (and they won't), the US and our unemployed countrymen would be much better off. God forbid if Romney wins. But Obama et al also have to have the courage to do what's right, not compromise on the facts.
  • End this depression now

    By Jbsteven
    Paul Krugman is an extremely knowledgeable economist who has written a well researched and detailed perspective on our current crisis. The book can become a little heady at times, but the reader will certainly walk away with a much broader understanding of how we arrived in our current situation and become better informed in moving forward.
  • End this Depression....

    By randrazor
    As usual, Paul Krugman makes many assertions, but no facts. The book is useless garbage trying to justify Obama's failures. Skip it
  • Excellent read

    By mmarkolovic
    Highly recommend to those who want to learn about the European debt crisis or just how economics works. This is a great book.
  • Well written, witty, very Krugman-esque

    By r00zster
    This book has filled in all the holes I had about what has happened for the past 5 years as well as what to do now. I wish everyone could read this...
  • Excellent Book

    By Luis1965
    Krugman presents in a clear way what the government must do to end the current depression. Some highlights are: 1- his explanation of the current situation in Europe is very good - he is very clear on why the policy responses in Europe and the US are so different. 2- I would have liked comments on why tax cuts is not a better alternative at this moment. With so many people hurting, the government must do more!!!! Excellent book. I highly recommend it. L
  • Thoughtful

    By High-TEK
    A case for valuing the lessons of history...