Why Math Isn't an Awful Nerd - Jason Marshall

Why Math Isn't an Awful Nerd

By Jason Marshall

  • Release Date: 2011-06-14
  • Genre: Mathematics
Score: 3.5
From 107 Ratings


In "Why Math isn't an Awful Nerd" Jason Marshall, the guy behind the incredibly popular Math Dude's Quick and Dirty Tips podcast, shows readers how insanely easy and downright elegant math can be. Marshall focuses on perfect squares and patterns (hint: they're called perfect squares for a reason), and clearly—and most importantly concisely—explains step-by-step how numbers work. Multiple games and puzzles re-enforce the concepts Marshall presents, making for a crazy fun, accidental learning experience. Perfect for anyone looking for a leg-up on their algebra homework, that won't put them to sleep.

And if this e-book leaves you wanting even more! more! more! there's The Math Dude's Quick and Dirty Guide to Algebra, with even more math number games, explanations, and—dare we say it—fun.


  • Math

    By Nba2011
    Math isn't that bad after I read this book
  • Misleading but interesting

    By Cleopatra peanut
    It would be four or five stars if it represented itself more clearly. It's really only the first chapter of the book The Math Dudes Quick and Dirty Guide to Algebra from what I can tell. To try to pass this off as its own compete book is deceiving. Why not call it what it is a test drive of the $9.99 book. That being said I enjoyed and it gave me the idea that the $9.99 might actually very very helpful! I'm considering buying it even though i graduate college some years back. I just never understood algebra. Even passing it I never understood it.
  • Where's the rest?

    By madfordmac
    The content is well thought out, and the book seems like it would be interesting, but the description of the book neglects to mention that this is only the first chapter!
  • Sinny bones

    By esbierney
  • This book stinks! ... And so does Algebra!

    By Laura Sudowski
    This book stinks! It did not help me at all. Good thing it was free because that would've been a waste of my money. I would declare a refund!