Wonderful Tonight - Pattie Boyd & Penny Junor

Wonderful Tonight

By Pattie Boyd & Penny Junor

  • Release Date: 2007-08-28
  • Genre: Biographies & Memoirs
Score: 4
From 202 Ratings


An iconic figure of the 1960s and ’70s, Pattie Boyd breaks a forty-year silence in Wonderful Tonight, and tells the story of how she found herself bound to two of the most addictive, promiscuous musical geniuses of the twentieth century and became the most famous muse in the history of rock and roll. She met the Beatles in 1964 when she was cast as a schoolgirl in A Hard Day’s Night. Ten days later a smitten George Harrison proposed. For twenty-year-old Pattie Boyd, it was the beginning of an unimaginably rich and complex life as she was welcomed into the Beatles inner circle—a circle that included Mick Jagger, Ron Wood, Jeff Beck, and a veritable who’s who of rock musicians. She describes the dynamics of the group, the friendships, the tensions, the musicmaking, and the weird and wonderful memories she has of Paul and Linda, Cynthia and John, Ringo and Maureen, and especially the years with her husband, George. It was a sweet, turbulent life, but one that would take an unexpected turn, starting with a simple note that began “dearest l.” I read it quickly and assumed that it was from some weirdo; I did get fan mail from time to time.... I thought no more about it until that evening when the phone rang. It was Eric [Clapton]. “Did you get my letter?”... And then the penny dropped. “Was that from you?” I said....It was the most passionate letter anyone had ever written me.For the first time Pattie Boyd, former wife of both George Harrison and Eric Clapton, a high-profile model whose face epitomized the swinging London scene of the 1960s, a woman who inspired Harrison’s song “Something” and Clapton’s anthem “Layla,” has decided to write a book that is rich and raw, funny and heartbreaking—and totally honest and open and breathtaking. Here is the truth, here is what happened, here is the story you’ve been waiting for.


  • Very good read!!! I highly recommend it. Didn’t want to put it down...

    By texas sailorette
    Loved her story...it felt like you were right there living the experience. How sad for Eric Clapton to have lost his son like that...and when are both men and women gonna grow up thinking they can have these extra marital flings that damage their significant other to the point of no return?? We miss you George Harrison...such beautiful music now silent...RIP
  • Insight into the culture of drugs

    By Sherrygm1
    The book seems to be a straight out accounting of one woman’s memories. It is at the very least a testament to the destructive effects of drugs and alcohol. It is sad because it shows lives that are wasted in pursuits of shallow kinds of happiness. Instead of happiness, the lives of here to be unhappy and unfulfilled.
  • Disappointing

    By Adam's Ghost
    Vapid. That's the best description of the narrative style of this book which could have been a fascinating insider account of people and events of terrific interest. Instead I got a superficial accounting that left me with some sympathy for the author but mostly with annoyance that I paid money for the book
  • Just wonderful!

    By deffSherman
    I absolutely loved reading this book! Simply could not put it down... Beautiful stories of beautiful minds and heartbreaking recollections of romances. I can only imagine what life would have been like but this book truly brings it all to life.
  • Patti Boyd

    By Tinkersadie
    Wonderful look back to the 60s and 70s. Only she was at the prime seat. I never liked Eric Clapton much but after reading the way he wrote Wonderful Tonight I became a fan. Ms Boyd would be my friend today had we met in the 60s
  • A Delightful Read

    By JaxMomy
    Hard to put down. This wonderful book transported me to a time and place that I would have loved to be a part of and Pattie made that possible. She also answered a lot of questions. She made two amazing men, who otherwise seemed to be larger than life or storybook characters, come to life and be human just like us. She also allowed us to see into her heart and struggles and realize that she was human too. Bravo Pattie, I wish I could know you. I think we'd make fast friends. You're an inspiration.
  • Wonderful not so

    By Dnurcmb1
    Two problems. First the ghost writer helping write did a poor job. Very boring for the most part. Second,as a woman living such an extravagant life why is it she did nothing to help others? Taking photos is a great profession but come on, you're in India with abject poverty and you do nothing?? Ok,maybe you do a little dope and then forget about the lepers...I guess she's a bit old to say "grow up" but hey,GROW UP!!