Love Wins - Rob Bell

Love Wins

By Rob Bell

  • Release Date: 2011-03-15
  • Genre: Christianity
Score: 4
From 708 Ratings


In Love Wins, bestselling author, international teacher, and speaker Rob Bell (Velvet Elvis, Drops Like Stars) addresses one of the most controversial issues of faith—hell and the afterlife—arguing, would a loving God send people to eternal torment forever?

Rob Bell is an electrifying, unconventional pastor whom Time magazine calls “a singular rock star in the church world,” with millions viewing his NOOMA videos.

With searing insight, Bell puts hell on trial with a hopeful message—eternal life doesn’t start when we die; it starts right now. And ultimately, Love Wins.


  • Thank God for Heresy

    By Unhappy7321
    Heretic!!! Love wins?! Turn or Burn is so much more effective. (That's sarcasm if you can't tell) This book is amazing. It is truly beautiful. Love is why Jesus came, not to judge the world but to save it! All of it, everyone! Not just Jews, not just Christians, but Buddhists, Muslims, Atheists, and gays, lovers of pleasure, lovers of self, and lovers of money, people who are "good enough" and people who are not, people who have earned the party and people who don't deserve a party, the proud and the shamed. We all have our story, but God has a different story to tell.
  • Great Job.

    By David Willson
    This book is doing exactly what it was set out to do! For youth and adults to ask or re-ask the big questions in life! There is no denying he has little evidence but this book isn't for defending as much as it is saving people who can't deal with a traditional view of hell. The love is what needs to e focused on. He does a pretty great job at that. Everyone who says he's a heretic just wants to hurt someone and make them feel higher. It's really awful the words people use on this rating and review system. Please use kind words, let's be Christ-like and respond with wise advice and helpful criticism. If you're here to bash, you're wrong- and you won't make an impact to Any of the readers that enjoyed it. Sure Rob is not perfect and some of his teachings may have some holes. But he isn't trying to fill up these holes, he's trying to make these theology holes noticeable to all in a simple read for the world. THANKS ROB! Continue to do what you do. Just because someone calls another heretic doesn't mean they're right, and it doesn't mean they have authority from God to say such things. If you're going to judge someone- judge them by their heart. The heart tells a lot.
  • Loved. It.

    By 2busy2dealwiththis
    My only complaint is that it could have been longer! Absolutely love Rob's perspective on God and on life -- very refreshing. Do not be troubled by the bitterness and hardened hearts of the haters -- they existed in Jesus' day as well, and they were among the only people that Christ ever told specifically that they were going to hell.
  • Moral

    By Sean311
    If "Love Wins" is NOT the correct interpretation of the New Testament, then the New Testament is immoral. (The Old Testament is so blatantly immoral that interpretations are irrelevant. Sorry if that makes you angry or uncomfortable, but when people ditch intellectual common sense for dogma they often become angry and uncomfortable at even the slightest hint of dissent.
  • Loving but just

    By Micalda1
    I'm guessing people have never read the bible that agree with rob bell in this book. He takes verses way out of context to prove his point. Read the bible literally people... The only way to heaven is through faith of a loving relationship with christ. "Many people will say on that day Lord, Lord did we not prophecy in your name and cast out demons. He will say depart from me I never KNEW you." Hell is real, people are there right now, and people will go there. The bible tells us to FEAR The Lord all throughout scripture. Why would we need to fear him if hell didn't exist? He is a God of love as well as a righteous judge. He sent his son to pay the price for you. All you gotta do is surrender you're life to him and fall in love with him. That's where you find salvation and that's where you find peace and rest.
  • substitutionary atonement

    By Shainea
    Though out this book Rob describes God well but not 100% correct. He slowly evades at the substitution that Christ was for us, suggesting that only Christ coming as the incarnate of God is enough, not His death and resurrection. With that little deceit you negate most of Romans, Hebrews and other New Testament books. You have to be careful, a small lie mixed in makes the truth not complete or no longer truth. Always check with His word first. God is real, He has spoken and continues to speak. Hear Him today!
  • Amazing

    By Audlady
    I grew a born again Christian in a private school and later reverted to paganism beliefs. I still believed in the words of Jesus but found Christians and their teachings of damnation and judgement very hypocritical. After reading this book I came to see the bible and god in a different light. It all makes a lot mor sense know.
  • Nope!

    By Ddrummer2
    I did not read this book but my bible teacher showed us a video of Pastor Rob Conway who talked about why Rob Bell is completely wrong and went over the main parts of the book. And then we wrote a research paper defending our faith in Jesus Christ. It's says straight up in the word of God what is the truth. It says to watch out for Teachers like Rob Bell who will twist the word of God. Satan is gonna use this. And it scars me for other people. Don't waste your time. I only say that someone should read this to read why he is wrong. Heaven and Hell are eternal. God is just and judgment will fall on those who oppose Him. That's it. God is love. He has given us a choice to serve him and live with him in eternity or to not serve him and burn in hell. Do not support Rob "robbing" Bell. Haha.
  • The critics of this book may be like the prodical son's older brother.

    By GDodd
    I know this book is very controversial to many people. Just after I got into the third chapter, I said to myself, "This guy is really stretching any reasonable interpretation of the Bible." Then, after finishing it, one thought and two questions for all of us came to my mind. First, the bible clearly says that we can separate ourselves and be separated by God from Him by our choices. But, it also says God promises to NEVER stop loving us. To fully comprehend this, it is important that we know that love is different than separation. The first question is: "Do we truly understand the depth of God's love?" The second question is: "Are we sure, as limited humans, completely confident without a doubt, that perfect love stops trying, when perfect love has the power to achieve His will in heaven?" Read this book and ask yourself these questions. You may find out like me that I'm not my neighbor's judge. I am however to be a light of faith, hope and love, even as much as that falls short of God's prefect light.
  • Love Wins

    By Cytap
    Love this book.I will definitely read it again. It is a keeper. 5 stars