Their Sub - Complete Series - Linzi Basset

Their Sub - Complete Series

By Linzi Basset

  • Release Date: 2018-06-25
  • Genre: Contemporary


Diana is in a fix. Having lost her job in a company merger, she was down on luck and on her last bucks. When an unconventional job offer comes her way, she keels over. Because, let’s face it, she has no other options.

Kade, John and Brad are billionaire CEO’s shopping for their next submissive. Diana is a front-runner, provided she submits to their whims during a series of tests to determine her potential. It’s easier said than done. 
They want to take her three-ways.
At the same time.
Most of the time. 
What’s a girl gotta do, when three gorgeous hunks want to lay her bare and have their wicked way with her luscious body, in every way possible?
Poor Diana. Here, have some wine.

This is the Complete Their Sub Series by Linzi Basset.