Not Sorry - Complete Series - Ella Miles

Not Sorry - Complete Series

By Ella Miles

  • Release Date: 2018-05-30
  • Genre: Contemporary
Score: 4.5
From 82 Ratings


To Sean Burrows,

I am writing to inform you that I would like to apply for the management position. As an assistant, I know I have limited qualifications, but I am loyal and have been an assistant here for almost five years.

I apologize for the initial meeting where I was late in picking you up from the airport, spilled coffee on you, and introduced you incorrectly, among other things. I know I did not make a great first impression, but I need this job. No one should still be an assistant when entering their thirties.

I have attached my résumé. I'm sorry for taking up so much of your valuable time.

Thank you for your consideration,

Olive Porter

P.S. I'm sorry for kissing you on the lips. I really was trying to kiss you on the cheek. I was told you were European, so I was trying to make you comfortable. I was clearly wrong about both.

This is the Complete Not Sorry Series by Ella Miles.


  • I loved it!!!

    By 21lilreddevil21
    It was the best story honestly that I have ever read. I especially love the fact that olive can be nice but she also has the confidence to be herself.

    By Suzanne Golt
    The two main characters in this book were Olive, a shy woman without much confidence or experience, and Sean, a seasoned businessman. While I do like a story where one of the characters blossoms, it is how she blossoms that is a bit unnerving to me. Olive is an assistant to Jamie, her boss and “friend” and is sent to pick up Sean from the airport. Sean had dated Jamie in the past and was still in love with her, and is in town to help her run her real estate business while she is out on maternity leave (pregnant by another man). Jamie relies heavily on Olive and believes in her, yet she did nothing in five years to help her advance in her career after taking her in and giving her a job and that bothered me. Olive is great at her job, very detail oriented, and makes the entire company run smoothly. In the end it’s revealed that Jamie was holding her back intentionally so Olive would be pushed to decide what she really wanted to do career wise because she felt that Olive didn’t love real estate. Olive was making very little money, so little that she couldn’t even afford to take the real estate exam to become licensed. Generally in businesses, there are perks and self-improvement classes offered to employees. I felt Jamie took advantage of Olive and that is unacceptable, especially knowing her past struggles. This story is mostly about Olive’s journey and her relationship with Sean. They are drawn to each other physically and act on it rather quickly, especially since Olive just ended a year-long relationship with her boyfriend, Owen, who also didn’t treat her well. I do admire how Olive kept getting stronger and stronger, but what I didn’t like is how Sean said he would promote her to manager after a few one-on-one training sessions/classes. She certainly was a willing participant, and he did teach her to be more confident, but I found it very degrading. I do like how he was honest with her about his full-time profession and kept asking if she felt comfortable, I just wish he were in another line of work other than what was revealed. Olive does stand by him after the truth is revealed, but then their relationship takes a turn for the worse when Olive learns the truth about his past relationship with Jamie and feels they would be a better match. I admired how Olive finally had the confidence to make plans doing what she loved and finally put herself first. Sean does turn from a playboy into a one-woman man by the end of the book, and it does have a happy ending.
  • Not sorry books 1-3. By Ella miles

    By Mag68
    Great read! Certain parts are really hot!
  • Awesome

    By Misia Maria
    I really love reading this book. I like how hot and cold the characters can be with each other. I really like how Sean helped Olivia become a strong independent woman, but I hated Jaime only because she was a little horrible to Olivia for not giving her a raise even though she was the force of her company.
  • Hot!

    By brianagage24
    I started off reading this book as a sample thinking I bought it and once I realized I had reached the end of my sample reading I knew i had to get the complete series!!! WELL WORTH IT
  • Not Sorry

    By Mariah1417
    The book was super sexy while maintaining an adequate storyline. Gives fifty shades of grey vibes
  • Not Sorry by Ella Miles

    By Kendall Kinnear
    This story had some interesting plot twists. The three main characters all have a past to overcome. As these play out and wind around you become enthralled with them and want to know more. The story ends just as you want to know more.
  • Not Sorry by Ella Miles on iBooks

    By CrewsN-clan
    This book left me on the edge. I like the way the characters challenge each other and I can’t wait to read the rest!
  • Love

    By eg'18
    I loved this book as far as I’ve read it’s amazing the writing is so captivating and I can’t wait to read more... literally can not stop reading!!
  • I’m in love!

    By books is life
    I love love love it! Thank you!