On the Edge - CD Reiss

On the Edge

By CD Reiss

  • Release Date: 2018-06-12
  • Genre: Contemporary
Score: 5
From 27 Ratings


From NY Times Bestselling author, CD Reiss.
“In Iraq, I promised you a bed of rose petals.” He grabbed my hand under the table, tightening his grip as if he were falling from a precipice and our connection was the only thing saving him from certain death.
“They were beautiful.”
“You smell like apples. Roses were wrong.” There was nothing soft about his tone, but his quiet words were for me alone. “I want everything to be right for you.”
“Caden, look at me.”
I caught his gaze and held it. He was confident. Arrogant. Sure he had a place in the world. And under that was the man who needed me to be that place.
“If I could…” He smiled and shook his head at a silly thought he wanted to dismiss but couldn’t—a contradiction in keeping with the whole man I married. “If I could write my love in the sky, it wouldn’t be big enough. I’d run out of room. I’d fall out of the air trying to say it all.”
He was saying it all.
Every day.
And he was falling out of the sky to do it.
The Edge Series
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Rough Edge
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  • Enthralled

    By Thairpygrl1
    The first pre book I could hardly make through. The next three......best series I’ve read in years. Masterpiece.
  • Wow! Just.Wow!!

    By Charolinda6798
    The continuing riveting story of Caden/Roman and Greyson. I’m spellbound by C. D. Reiss’ amazing writing. I’ve been left speechless and on “edge” for the next installment! This is a must read!! I can’t recommend it enough!!
  • On the Edge

    By Sandie Parsons
    Oh My Goodness!! This just gets better and better. My heart is going to pound out of my chest. This story and the relationship between Grey and Caden/ Damon is so complex. This is a book you have to read and then go back and read it again. I love the drama, the tension, and all the emotional feelings. Can’t wait to see how this ends. Wish I could give it TEN Stars
  • Kept me on the edge of my seat!

    By starstacy
    I was kept on the edge of my seat & enthralled by this book! I was enthralled by the continuation of the story (as it picks up right where Rough Edge left us) & enthralled by the characters CD Reiss has created in Caden/Damon & Greyson. This story is nothing like I have ever read before, & I love it! Can’t wait for part 3!
  • Head spinning

    By seansmother
    The story continues and so does my awe at the stories Christine is able to weave. She brings these characters to life in a way that leaves me breathless and silent when I’ve read the last word. Her writing is sublime. The characters complex, multi-layered masterpieces. You don’t just read these stories, you absorb them, eat, sleep and breathe them. I’m now obsessed with Caden, Damon, Greyson and Ronin. I’m purposely not saying much about the story because you’re better off going in knowing as little as possible. Just read the whole series and marvel at Christine’s talent.
  • You. Must. Read. This. Series.

    By GreyGirl50
    I had to start this book the minute I finished Rough Edge because I can’t get enough of the psychological twists and turns that have consumed Greyson and Caden since the minute they laid eyes on each other in a surgical unit in Iraq. I have always been intrigued by the psychology of the human mind and majored in it in college so having a psychologist as a main character adds to the validity of the challenges these two characters will face as their journey continues. I’m purposely not giving away too many particulars about this book so as to avoid spoiling the experience for other reads. Just let me say that I have never had a more compelling reading experience and I can’t believe the next book is a month away from release. You. Must. Read. This. Series.
  • Another heart wrenching addition to the series

    By Greekidol
    CD is trying to kill us, for that I'm certain. This was another brilliant addition to the complex, heart stopping, delicious crazy as all get out story of my two favorite characters of 2018. I'm not certain if I will recover by the end of this crazy ride, but because CD writes with such passion and her words are so poetically beautiful, I'm happy to suffer the consequences. Thanks CD it's been a privilege.
  • Has me on the edge of my sanity!

    By Lelypop1
    The Edge series continues with On the Edge, picking up where Rough Edge’s cliffhanger left us. This story had me on the edge of my seat and on the edge of my sanity. It’s fantastic! I felt heartbroken, angry, angsty, and so much more throughout this story. We learn more about Caden’s history and his relationship with Greyson becomes more complicated, to put it mildly. Reiss has done an amazing job of building this story, teasing, intriguing, beguiling this reader. I can’t wait for book 3.

    By Cindy M. Green
    4.5 HOLY CRAP ON A CRACKER STARS⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ WOW, WOW, WOW! This story is intense, erotic, engaging and all-around consuming. The journey between Caden and Greyson intensifies as they try to navigate marriage outside the military. It was obvious from the beginning that their journey would be anything but ordinary. Little did I know their path through this new life would be so psychologically off-balance. I truly didn't know what to expect and now that I'm in this tornado with Caden and Greyson, I wouldn't know how to get out if I tried. But here's the thing, I don't want to leave their world. Caden is a quintessential strong, alpha male who does not back down where Greyson is concerned. He wants her, he must have her and the connection between them is off the charts explosive. Caden makes no attempt to hide how he feels about Greyson. He embraces the love he has for her and he loves her BIG, it's all consuming and at times feels bigger than life. Greyson feels the same about Caden, she's incredibly strong but we're finding out even she has limits. How much more can she take while they trudge through their own personal war?!?! There's not much more I can say without giving the story away. It is so worth the journey to go into this series blind. Oh my gosh, you won't know what hit you and yet, you will embrace everything their journey throws at you. You will take every punch, every twist, every turn they have to give. Not only that, you will be screaming for more. Broken Edge cannot come soon enough!
  • On the Edge

    By BellaBean
    5 stars