His Wasted Heart - Monica Murphy

His Wasted Heart

By Monica Murphy

  • Release Date: 2018-04-26
  • Genre: New Adult
Score: 4.5
From 113 Ratings


Jensen is a mystery I can’t figure out. She’s a liar. A thief—though the only thing she stole is my heart. She tried her best to escape me and by pure luck, I found her. In the very last place I expected.

No matter how hard we try, we can’t resist each other, and as we grow closer, she’s starting to reveal pieces of herself. Sharing her secrets, sharing her truths. Yet she’s still hiding something from me, and I can’t figure it out.

Soon I have my own secrets to keep. One that has the potential to ruin everything…


  • Amazing

    By Hannah Banana 3312
    The ending of the book makes me want to read the 3rd book. But it doesn’t come out for another week or 2.
  • His Wasted Heart

    By Mdramagurl
    This one was even more angsty and emotional than the first and oh how I loved it all. I ate up this story and I am dying for the next one in this series. I have fallen hard for Rhett and I can't wait to see what will happen next! I am so addicted to seeing where this story will end up and seeing the progression of this relationship. I am definitely invested.
  • Love it

    By xostace1
    Sweet revenge to lovers story that will have you very captivated. Fast paced and filled with drama, you won't want to put the book down. Can't wait to see what Ms. Murphy has in store for us in the next book.
  • Doesn’t disappoint!

    By Millemeal
    Another great book by Monica! Can’t wait for the finale!
  • OMG! What a ride thus far! I want more...

    By indoflip99
    This time spoken from Rhett's POV (I enjoy me a guy's perspective) this story continues to intrigue me. The chemistry between Jensen and Rhett are undeniable; Jensen has been opening up more, feelings are spoken aloud; however, secrets are still a brewing. When all is said and done and out in the open will their strong connection to one another keep them together? Then we are thrown that cliffy that will have you itching for the next book stat!
  • Loving Rhett!!

    By Shelly062498
    ***This means nothing. Those three words rattle through my brain on repeat. Jensen’s right. It means nothing. It should mean nothing. So why does being with her feel like it has the potential to mean everything? ***Am I crazy? Probably. One minute I can’t trust her, the next I want her to be my official girlfriend. I’m making no sense. But this girl does something to me. The more she pushes me away, the more I want to reel her back in. Oh, this is getting good! The more time Rhett spends with Jensen, the more he starts to care for her, to try to bring her out of her self loathing and to make her feel that someone actually cares for her. No matter how much she pushes him away, he keeps trying. He really is a sweet guy, not at all what Jensen expected. She judged him by his family and she’s learning that Rhett shouldn’t be defined by his family because he is nothing like them thankfully. Jensen does love his little sister though, she’s sweet and really seems to like Jensen a lot. Oh, and let’s not forget a great little twist thrown in the mix as well. Jensen isn’t the only one with secrets! And what a secret it is! Wonder what will happen when it’s all exposed. I literally can’t wait for book three because I know it’s going to be great! Rhett is sweet, caring and oh so HOT, I really am loving him and I’ve been waiting for Jensen to tell him the entire truth. I just hope he still cares for her when it all comes to light. (Oh, and did I mention there are some pretty steamy scenes? Well, there is and oh my!) I love a book with good juicy secrets and family drama and this has a lot of it!
  • Great Follow Up!

    By Pan's Princess
    What A Story! From beginning to end! I couldn’t put down this steamy story!! Book 1 was Great,but I loved Rhett’s version! Jensen Should Be Grateful her mother left. Years of planning and waiting to see her mom. Getting revenge was the thing Jensen was after! As the song goes “you can’t always what get what you want,you get what you need!” And,Jensen didn’t need a mother like Diane! This story was very well written! I loved every word! I can’t wait For the next book! Reviewed For Reviews From The Heart
  • Rhett

    By LadyJ98
    Loved the fact that this book was written from Rhett’s point of view. We got Jensen’s point of view in the first book now we get to see what Rhett is thinking and feeling. I couldn’t wait for this book. I loved it. Rhett and Jensen’s chemistry is there from the very first book and it continues on in this book. I loved this book. I highly recommend it. Must read the first book as books are not standalone. I can’t wait for the third book.
  • Eagerly awaiting book 3

    By Fa2sdh
    This second installment does not disappoint. It picks up right where the first book leaves us hanging! Jensen and Rhett get past Jensen’s secret revelation only for Rhett to get a major secret of his own. As things progress they get more complicated. The story has you sitting on the edge of your seat waiting for the next shoe to drop. Book one and two grab and keep your attention. What will the future hold for our lovers?
  • A book in review!

    By kpaine718
    I received this book in exchange for an honest review. His Wasted Heart was the perfect second course to this trilogy. It had exactly what you want in a second book; lots of ups, some downs, and a plot thickening ending. Rhett’s point of view made this even more enjoyable as you got to really get a feel for his character. I also felt like I really got a better take on Jensen while reading from Rhett’s POV as well! The book picks up right where the first left off and I’m hoping the same happens for the third. I also hope that book 3 alternates between both Jensen and Rhett’s POV because I feel like that would be the icing on the cake and make for the perfect ending! I recommend this 4 star book to anyone who loves a steamy and well-placed story that shows you just how a guy thinks when he wants what he sometimes can’t have!