The House of Closed Doors - Jane Steen

The House of Closed Doors

By Jane Steen

  • Release Date: 2012-06-25
  • Genre: Historical
Score: 4.5
From 376 Ratings


Heedless. Stubborn. Disgraced.

Small town Illinois, 1870: "My stepfather was not particularly fond of me to begin with, and now that he'd found out about the baby, he was foaming at the mouth."

Desperate to avoid marriage, Nell Lillington refuses to divulge the name of her child's father and accepts her stepfather's decision that the baby be born at a Poor Farm and discreetly adopted.

Until an unused padded cell is opened and two small bodies fall out.

Nell is the only resident of the Poor Farm who is convinced the unwed mother and her baby were murdered, and rethinks her decision to abandon her own child to fate. But even if she manages to escape the Poor Farm with her baby she may have no safe place to run to.


  • Joanniebow/ house of closed doors

    By joanniebow
    Excellent read! I found a new favorite author.
  • Enjoyable Mystery

    By Momma Leew
    This book is great for both historical fiction and mystery lovers.
  • Very much enjoyed

    By ohmsonam
    I was thrilled to read a book that brought pictures in my mind of all the events happening. The writing is brilliant and intriguing. I highly recommend this book and I can’t wait to read the next one.
  • The House of Closed Doors by Jane Steen

    By Proctorasshole
    I throughly enjoyed the very strong female protagonist Nell who became stronger yet more compassionate with struggles that were common during the Victorian time period she lived in. A stellar group of characters in this book created a wonderful experience and seem very familiar to the reader as they work together to solve mysteries but most importantly find a special bond with each other. KSW
  • The House of Closed Doors

    By SuzeNo1
    I enjoyed this book.
  • Good Read

    By Jimbobdaddy1
    Gives a good picture of the standing of women prior to women’s rights.
  • The House of Closed Doors

    By Cappyjane
    Excellent! I love Historical Fiction, and this book certainly fills the bill. Hated to see the end, but will look for Ms Steen’s next two books.
  • Truly active reading with a great selection of scenes and characters.

    By Dog mystery lover
    Loved this book with the evil Hiram, sweet Tess, independent Nell, and loyal Martin. The author uses imagery words that are so easy to picture. You will love this book!
  • What a read!

    By H for Happy
    Such an easy read...the storyline is nicely done! Can't wait to read the entire series!
  • Excellent Read!!

    By KWJN
    This a book I’d never read based on my criteria. But, I liked the synopsis. I am very impressed and glad I read it, which are understatement. The characters become real and while reading you are there. It does become a page turner. I had to find out what happened! The Victorian era fascinates me. And, Nell is quite the rebel of those times. I will be reading more this series and hope to find Jane’s ghostly series too!